A Look Back

Every five years our class reunites! We hope you enjoy these photos, whether or not you were able to attend. Let's continue this very special tradition of reuniting for many years to come!

35th Year Reunion - Click image for larger view

Instead of a more formal event, the committee planned a picnic for Los Al High School Class of '79's 35-Year Reunion. It was a fun casual day at Rossmoor Park hanging out together, reminiscing, playing horse shoes, enjoying a taco bar, and viewing some Griffin nostalgia (some even tried on the Griffin costume!). Sixty-three people attended. All in all, 45 classmates (some from out-of-state) and their loved ones reunited for a wonderful afternoon filled with laughs, hugs, and many "Remember when...?" Like all past reunions, one of the most touching experiences is seeing classmates meet fellow classmates that they didn't know while in school (we had a huge class well over 650 students!) and becoming new friends!

The weekend included additional activities planned by other classmates. One evening there was a fun party at Malarkey's thanks to Terri Conkle. Some went during the day on a very relaxing sailing adventure thanks to David Kerr. And there was also a Sunday breakfast on the Queen Mary enjoyed by classmates.

Thank you to our generous class, and some family members of classmates who have passed, we brought in $1,898 for our Griffins Give Back philanthropy. Once again, we awarded monetary scholarships to current students at Los Al High School.


30th Year Reunion - Click image for larger view


25th Year Reunion - Click image for larger view